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It's time to shine!


Did you know that there are signals you're missing every day that are preventing you from taking your career AND your dating life to the next level?!?! 


Hello, I'm Tiffany, your Organizational Leadership & Development Consultant and Body Language Expert




I'm here to teach you how to have open and honest conversations with your staff and YOURSELF. That's right friend, it's time to get real with yourself so you can begin to earn the respect of your employees and build your dream team.


I'm also here to be your biggest champion and supporter throughout this thing we call life. You never have to be alone again when you have me on your side. Sometimes you'll get a little tough love, but it's only because I DO care about you and I want you to create a team filled with joy, abundance, and prosperity.

Imagine us having a cocktail (or mocktail) on the beach a year from now talking about all the progress your organization has made!! Your light is so bright and I can't wait to help you see it too.  


I’ll also teach you the most commonly missed body language hot spots that are probably costing your organization it's bottom line and contributing to your employee retention issues.

Working with me will:

  • Teach you how to reclaim your superpowers and decode body language so you will then be able to tell if the person you're in the boardroom with (or even at a dinner meeting with) is really telling you the truth! 

  • Help you become a more confident and connected leader, as you work through any organizational issues that arise.

  • Help you use Body Language and Emotional Intelligence to become a trusted leader and empower your team to be more productive.

  • Help you get back to the basics so you can start to reconnect with your employees.

  • Show you step by step how to gain the trust of colleagues, master difficult situations, spot the liars in your life, and operate like the badass you really are!

  • Increase your confidence in difficult situations and decrease your anxiety around conflict resolution in the office and at home.

I remember feeling lost and afraid. I had an amazing corporate job and by everyone else's standards, I was doing GREAT. However, I noticed a huge gap between the Executive Leadership team and the employees I ate lunch with every single day. Something was totally off. I watched employees grow angrier and feel less valued. While at the same time I sat in meetings with leaders who had no idea what was really going on within their organization. I knew I had to do something. I knew I had the knowledge to close these gaps and help staff and leadership feel more connected and improve employee relationships. 


Can you relate??

On the outside things look normal, and for the most part, you feel normal but when you lay in the bed at night or have five minutes to breathe before running off to another meeting you hear that voice deep down saying "something isn't right."

I started coaching because of my pure love of creating connections and helping leaders realize just how amazing their teams really are. Your organization can thrive, despite "Great Resignation." We simply need to work together so I can show you how to bring out the best in your teammates.

My corporate training is different because we don't just talk about benefits and raises to keep your staff happy. I teach you and your colleagues how to use Body Language and Emotional Intelligence to create a stronger team that will increase employee retention, decrease burnout, and increase productivity.

You can do this! WE can do this, together. You have me with you for an entire YEAR. Imagine how different your organization will be in a year when you have not only the tools and tricks to change your thinking, but someone to hold you accountable for making those changes. Your success is my greatest reward. Drop your name and email below to receive my TOP 5 SECRETS to command your audience with confidence. You won't believe how SIMPLE they are! Give them a try and let me know what you think.


Before I go, did you know that some of these same secrets are impacting your dating life? CLICK HERE to find out how I can help you read your dates' Body Language and avoid dating disasters! Talk to you soon!! 




Tiffany is also a Senior Body Language Instructor at the Body Language Institute in Alexandria, VA. She is a multifaceted communications expert drawing from traditional studies and life experiences. Her mission is to help you communicate effectively & understand what others are saying to you both verbally & non-verbally. Tiffany is a Lupus survivor, powerlifter, and THE expert to help you spot the liars, take control of your life & have a winning career.

Hear Tiffany talk in the Wickedly Smart Woman podcast!

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