As a professional woman, wouldn't you agree that it's time to step into the spotlight and live the amazing life you deserve?


How about this….did you know that there are signals you're missing every day, all day that are preventing you from taking your career AND personal life to the next level?!?! 


Hello, I'm Tiffany, Empowerment Coach and Body Language Expert


I'm here to teach you how to FEEL AMAZING, get your health and life back on track, and become UNSTOPPABLE! I’ll also teach you the most commonly missed body language hot spots that are probably costing you more than you know in missed personal and professional opportunities. 

Working with me will:

  • Teach you how to reclaim your superpowers and decode body language so you will then be able to tell if the person you're on that first date with (or even in the boardroom with) is really telling you the truth! 

  • Help you spot the lies, appear more trustworthy, and become a more CONFIDENT leader, friend, and spouse.

  • Help you use your body language to GET THAT JOB!

  • Help you get back to the basics so you can start to feel powerful again.

  • Show you step by step how to gain the trust of colleagues, master difficult situations, spot the liars in your life, and live like the rockstar you really are!

  • Increase your confidence in difficult situations and decrease your anxiety around conflict resolution at home and in the office.

Tiffany is also a Senior Body Language Instructor at the Body Language Institute in Alexandria, VA. She is a multifaceted communications expert drawing from traditional studies and life experiences. Her mission is to help you communicate effectively & understand what others are saying to you both verbally & non-verbally. Tiffany is a Lupus survivor, powerlifter, and THE expert to help you spot the liars, take control of your life & have a winning career.

Hear Tiffany talk in the Wickedly Smart Woman podcast!

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