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As a professional, wouldn't you agree that it is vital to establish trust with our colleagues, employers and even our friends?


How about this….did you know that the signals you're missing every day, all day, are the SAME signals preventing you from taking your career the next level and leading like a ROCKSTAR?!?! 

Hello, I'm Tiffany, Executive Coach and Communication Specialist 


I'm here to teach you how to increase your perceived value amongst your team, build rapport, and make your team UNSTOPPABLE! I’ll also teach you the most commonly missed hot spots that are probably costing you more than you know in missed personal and professional opportunities. 

Working with me will:

  • Help you spot the lies, appear more trustworthy, and become a better leader, friend, and spouse.

  • Increase your awareness surrounding how you use your words and your body to increase profitability, increase productivity, and decrease staff turnover.

  • Increase your ability to spot employee disasters before they happen and decrease the amount of time you spend working with HR to fix an issue

  • Increase your confidence in difficult situations and decrease your anxiety around conflict resolution in the office

Hear Tiffany talk in the Wickedly Smart Woman podcast!

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