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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

People ask me all the time "Why Body Language?" Honestly, I just always felt like something was missing. I was smart, pretty funny, and capable of doing AMAZING THINGS. I mean I survived lupus while teaching cycling classes for goodness sake.

So why wasn't I seeing the success I knew I deserved? Why wasn't I the life of the party like I KNEW I wanted to be?

Learning about Body Language changed all of that for me. It taught me how to not only use MY OWN body to shift my mindset and energy, but how to read the body language of others to help them feel more comfortable around me or know when I should run for the hills because disaster is about!

Remember that last bad relationship ladies?!? I'm willing to bet they showed you signs long before things got bad and if you knew what I know about the power of body language you would have maybe thought twice before giving them your all.

It is my desire to share this knowledge with woman because I get no joy in keeping it to myself. I love seeing my sisters succeed and have life-changing "aha" moments while we work together!

One or two simple tweaks could make or break your next business relationship or personal relationship and I want to show you how to light up the room without even saying a word. You ready? Let's talk....

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