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It's estimated that up to 80% of our interactions with others is through non-verbal communication, or what we commonly refer to as: body language. 
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As a result of my workshops, leaders and teams are creating authentic connections, having honest conversations in the workplace, being truly trusted by their employees, and decreasing organizational trauma.

Who do you know that's ready to build a team based on trust and honesty?

New Body Language for Professionals Workshops

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While these workshops are customized based on your organizational needs, be prepared to leave knowing how to decrease your anxiety around having to fire an employee, mend broken relationships with colleagues, and get the attention of the decision-makers in the room just by how you sit or stand.

We will also discuss why Emotional Intelligence is key for successful leaders who wish to build rapport and beneficial relationships in and out of the workplace.  We'll cover this and other key concepts in a laser focused small group session. 

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I am the creator of the TruthTeller Lead Like a Rockstar Blueprint™

Signature Lead Like A Rockstar Blueprint™ 

Ladies....imagine walking into the boardroom and OWNING IT! I mean really being confident in yourself, your skills, and presence as a professional woman. Are you ready to release the chains and reclaim your power in a male dominated corporate word!?!?  If this resonates with you, then my Lead Like a Rockstar Blueprint™ is just what you need. During our time together I will help you  build your own confidence in the workplace, appear more confident to others, and use various communication techniques to take your leadership to the next level.

Picture how powerful and confident you will feel after working with me using the 8 week Lead Like A Rockstar Blueprint™ to dig deep into your own limiting beliefs, learn how to own the room, build rapport and make connections every single day! 

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