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Hear from some of my clients so you know how life changing this teaching is. 

If Tiffany only gave me one line to express how much I believe in her expertise, I would say, "TAKE HER CLASS and I also encourage all of my colleagues to attend." Luckily, she's allowing me more than one sentence! Tiffany has a great understanding of body language and how to use that knowledge to help others. When you realize non verbal expressions are just as important as those being spoken, it forces you to be more conscientious and more confident. With each class you learn something new - it's interactive and an absolute blast!

~Kristin Brady, Project Manager


Tiffany Lee is inspiring! When I saw her, I knew she would be an awesome coach, but I wasn’t prepared for her enthusiasm and energy. She delivers a powerful message in an engaging way, and keeps the audience captivated, laughing, and actively participating the whole way through. Tiffany is the kind of speaker who instills confidence and makes you want to take her words and put them into action, not only because you believe in her but also because you believe in the skills she teaches. Learning about your body language, quite literally from head to toe, will give you a whole new perspective on communicating with your peers. I’ve learned so much from her in a short period of time - and you can too! Cheers to Tiffany!

~Lorelie Diestro, Digital Innovations Manager


Tiffany is absolutely amazing.  She brings passion, energy and expert knowledge to every class.  She will teach you and your team how to influence human behavior to get the best out of everyone.  Tiffany is the Body Language expert you need to hire now.

~Jane B. Forbes, Founder and President of The Jane Gaine, Body Language for Sales Pros

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